Mid-Thames Group

Founded in July 2020, we are a community-lead group campaigning against sewage pollution of our rivers.

We love our rivers: they’re part of our daily lives, and we all walk, play, socialise, swim, paddle, row or fish on or around them. They give us many benefits, and they’re home to numerous other species.

However, our local rivers are in a poor state. In 2020, raw sewage was released into the upper Thames for nearly 50,000 hours.

We want to make dumping raw sewage in rivers illegal, and our rivers safe and healthy for people and wildlife again.

We are applying for bathing water status for a stretch of the River Thames through Oxford. This will prevent sewage spills and improve water quality – but we need your help to make it happen. 

Our projects and partners

Latest from the Blog

Monthly update: July 2021

Credit: Laura Reineke Hello everyone! I’m thoroughly enjoying cooling river dips in this scorching weather, but it’s hard to believe last month we had days of grey cloud and torrential rain, and May was the coldest in 25 years. Sadly, climate change is already making our weather more extreme (which doesn’t mean there isn’t still a lot we canContinue reading “Monthly update: July 2021”

Oxford Rivers Project Monthly update: June 2021

Hello! Well, finally, some summer and proper river swimming/playing/paddling/picnicking/mucking about weather! Long may it last. Read on for the latest results from our water quality testing, our progress towards becoming the second ‘bathing water’ river in the country, and an exciting event coming up this Friday… May 31st – June 6th was national volunteers week, andContinue reading “Oxford Rivers Project Monthly update: June 2021”

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